Brown BuildingThe Brown constructed in 1919 by the Fraternal Order of the Elks club served as lodge #288 for many years. The first floor served as commercial space and the second and third floors housed the lodge. The fourth floor was designated as residential space. The Brown even had a pool and bowling hall in the basement. A grand stair-case was constructed for access to the basement from a once prominent South entrance.

Many parties were held in the grand ballroom throughout the years. Following the re-location of the Elks Club in the 60’s, the building continued its commercial character at the street level, while the upper floors converted in 23 apartments.

brown 6

With renovations in 2006 to the façade by A&G Properties, the brown building has been restored closely to its original character. The interior apartments were reappointed in 2006, providing additional market-level accommodations in downtown Pendleton. The building is the only architectural example of the Chicago School Revival Style in Pendleton. When your there look for the faux clock above North entrance of the building.